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Green Building

Tweet One recent renovation project house was built the same year as the U.S. oil crisis, so you would think the attic insulation would be nice and beefy, right? Guess again. Turns out, the ceiling insulation only met ‘minimum code’ standard back in 1973 and hadn’t been upgraded since. In North Carolina, high efficiency residential […]

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Tweet I am always fascinated by the names of odd things. Take for instance the white, inner rind of a citrus fruit.  It’s called an ‘albedo’.   Who thinks up this stuff? I’m humored because green builders also use ‘albedo’ when choosing different types of cool roofs. By the way, cool roofs lower your home air […]

Tweet When entertaining outdoors, you obviously want to create a comfortable setting. A combination of decks and patios don’t have to be elaborate to impress your guests, just well built. Besides they also add property value and expand the functionality of your home. Green builders favor more patio than deck surfaces because the low-maintenance brick, […]

Tweet Hardwood, tile, carpet – one product doesn’t clean them all. In fact each type of floor needs its own care product. In the Build That Green Idea House we used the latest generation of green build waterborne polyurethanes called Bona Traffic on the master bedroom floors. Made specifically for home hardwoods and heavy traffic […]

Tweet The persistent beeping of an alarm under the floor woke us up at midnight the other night. We’d had a tremendously hot 101 degree day for the summer solstice and all of a sudden, we had a monster rain storm. What we found, was that

Tweet Your Turn: My house is so dusty. The family room carpet is especially hard to keep clean.  My husband covered the air filter with cheesecloth. He says my three dogs might be part of the problem.  – Cheryl, Fayetteville, NC My Turn: The US Green Building Council cautions that a majority of dust and […]

Tweet What IS true green vs. greenwashing? This label in a duct cleaning company ad caught my eye last week. Got any idea what the image means? I do and now, you’ll know….

Tweet About 90 percent of the power used by a traditional light bulb creates heat, not visible light. That’s why, as a kid, I could make Teddy his favorite brownies in my Easy Bake Oven. These days though I want my bedroom to be lit for reading, not heating, so I banned incandescent light bulbs. […]

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