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Tweet Do you want the ambiance of a fireplace but don’t have an existing fireplace or chimney? One option favored by green builders is an electric fireplace. They are pre-fabricated units sufficiently insulated to be installed safely within close range of walls or wood framework without requiring a masonry foundation. They also don’t require a […]

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Tweet Wash delicate dishes by hand or with dishwasher? Join a growing trend among homeowners to embrace green values during Christmas.  Today’s topic: Give yourself a break on water and power expense with this holiday clean-up strategy. With wonderful tasty meals and special champagne toasts, dirty dishes pile up.  Unless frozen pipes burst, we pretty […]

Tweet It’s a Heavy-hitting Holiday Helping Oven Using high-performance appliances is vital to effective green building. Today’s ‘Break’ shows a novel way to use an energy-saving kitchen device to prepare a classic Christmas dinner. The goal here is simple: spend more time visiting, and less time working in the kitchen. Using your microwave oven for […]

Tweet Simply ‘Forget-About-It’, You’ll See Why… Here’s the next in our 12 part series to get home holiday breaks: As kids, we used to drive my dad wild by leaving a room without flicking off the lights. Not surprisingly, my kids adopted the same unfortunate habit which produced a similar effect upon me. We were […]

Tweet Rebates today, discounted bills for decades! In this series, we focus upon one of 12 smart ways to give yourself Holiday Breaks at Home: Still shopping for your Iron Chef? Here’s my cheat sheet for finding the perfect refrigerator that is both top quality and most efficient. Right Size, Right Place Try to find […]

Tweet Before winter cold sets in, it pays to make sure that your gas heating system and appliances are working safely. Two main dangers of defective systems are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and fires. In Penfield, New York, a 54-year-old man died of CO poisoning one November. Prior to his death, the home’s CO alarms […]

Tweet I confess to enjoy the daily ritual of spotting the white rectangular newspaper bundle sitting on the driveway at “O-dark thirty”. There’s something about flipping and scanning through the paper I like.   Plus, there’s my addiction to clipping out interesting bits here and there. A photo, a cartoon, a funny news blurb. I’ll share […]

Tweet What IS true green vs. greenwashing? This label in a duct cleaning company ad caught my eye last week. Got any idea what the image means? I do and now, you’ll know….

Tweet By Joanne H. Shawcross I once  had some friends get married and they combined two apartments full of stuff into one house. What a design ‘train wreck’  that was – A maroon sofa with a turquoise coffee table… Don’t feel bad if you’re a person who has difficulty with coordinating colors in a room. […]