Our Company

Founded by Kim Van Borkulo on Earth Day 2008, Build That Green is on a mission to serve the southeastern U.S. as an essential source of tactics, information and ideas for better homes.

Build That Green is a publisher that promotes and encourages sustained building of healthy, high-performance homes and sites – big and small.

Where at?  At your place, the club treasurer’s condo, the high school coach’s house, even at your neighbor’s the empty-nesters … in fact, anywhere we can because we all benefit!

When it’s time to remodel and build by contract or Do-It-Yourself, we’re there to motivate, encourage, and empower you towards your dreams for…
…  Better Health. Better Value. Better Balance.

  • Why Better Health? You ought to have a comfortable, refuge to relax and recharge from life’s daily stress. You need fresh, non-toxic air in rooms filled with pleasant daylight.

We give you healthier building choices to aid your family’s safety and happiness.

  • Why Better Value? How’s this sound: lower power bills, less maintenance, higher resale value, rebates.  A green home is an efficient, quality home and you could profit from that standard starting today.

We bring these valuable strategies to your doorstep.

  • Why Better Balance? You deserve a beautiful outdoors that is inviting and easy-to-maintain. Imagine looking out enjoying wildlife and native plants and maybe even helping to improve the overall health of your neighborhood.

We focus on options that help harmonize with your outdoors.

In all that we do, we value the triple bottom line: People-Pocketbook-Planet

Consider joining us today and get Kim’s latest E-book as a FREE gift!