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Tweet You Deserve Better Value, Health & Balance Harness the Holidays and de-stress with these green building ideas to manage your extra decorating and entertaining costs or you’ll end up with financial troubles in January – and beyond. In this series, we’ll focus upon one of 12 smart ways to give yourself Holiday Breaks at […]

Tweet Before winter cold sets in, it pays to make sure that your gas heating system and appliances are working safely. Two main dangers of defective systems are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and fires. In Penfield, New York, a 54-year-old man died of CO poisoning one November. Prior to his death, the home’s CO alarms […]

Tweet Your Turn: My house is so dusty. The family room carpet is especially hard to keep clean.  My husband covered the air filter with cheesecloth. He says my three dogs might be part of the problem.  – Cheryl, Fayetteville, NC My Turn: The US Green Building Council cautions that a majority of dust and […]

Tweet Relative Humidity is part of indoor air comfort Your Turn:  How come I’m comfortable with the air conditioning temperature but my husband keeps complaining that he’s still hot?   Maria, Fayetteville, NC My Turn: To a green builder, your family’s comfort is a critical part of indoor air quality. It’s said Americans spend an average […]

Tweet The so-called air fresheners really don’t improve your home indoor air quality; instead, they release chemicals that numb your olfactory nerves or coat your nasal passages with oils. Here are Seven Better Solutions: Invest in a HEPA air filter. Put a few drops of natural essential oils on some cotton balls and place them […]

Tweet Trace amounts of radiation from Japan was detected by State officials in the southeastern states. This air pollution fallout, of course, is from fuel degradation at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in Japan. Turns out, we are exposed to radiation every day from man-made or natural materials.  Regardless, this trace amount of ionized reactor radiation […]

Tweet The other day I saw gaps in my wood floor and that was my indicator to stop using our bathroom exhaust fan. In winter, low moisture content in the air (relative humidity) affects not only our home interiors and furniture but our comfort and energy bills. As doors open, cooking, showering and even people […]

Tweet Here’s What They Said: Renovation Project Makes Old House Environmentally Friendly Click thru Photos 8 to 15 Many Thanks to our Green Partnership Sponsors and Companies for such great efforts on our 2010 Green Remodel Idea House: General  Contractor:       Showcase Construction Plumbing fixtures:           Moen – shower room Plumbing fixtures:           Kohler – […]

Tweet Today the paint colors in my new office put me in the perfect Saint Patrick’s Day mood.  Three of the walls are  spa-like sea foam green called ‘Stillness’ and the last is a darker peacock green called ‘Crownhill’ accent. I love those names. In fact I’m not sure which convinced me when I decided […]

Tweet About 11 a.m. the framers quit when the rain started. Part of this year’s green remodel idea home is a two story addition nestled into a corner by the main house and the garage. They draped the two open sides of the original house with massive sheets of plastic. That shielded the exposed insulation […]