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Tweet How to attract toads and frogs to your garden It’s Leap Day so let’s talk about bug control using frogs, toads and tree frogs.  Like ‘em or loath ‘em, these little hoppers can eat up to 1000 insects in one day from a flower bed or vegetable garden. You can combat declining frogs and […]

Tweet Sophisticated design for exterior garden rooms Admired gardens have focal points that support a garden room theme.  Within that area, you then showcase its best features using focal points. Focal points can be created using splashes of color. They direct views toward desirable spots, and distract the eye from focusing upon unsightly things. Red […]

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Tweet You Deserve Better Value, Health & Balance Harness the Holidays and de-stress with these green building ideas to manage your extra decorating and entertaining costs or you’ll end up with financial troubles in January – and beyond. In this series, we’ll focus upon one of 12 smart ways to give yourself Holiday Breaks at […]

Tweet Along the time when tea was dumped into the Boston harbor to protest Britain’s rule over the colonies, naturalist William Bartram filled his breakfast tea cup in the Carolina Piedmont. It was the 1770’s. He sat reviewing his plant journals recently inked while traveling throughout southeastern North America. One spectacular native plant he observed […]

Tweet Heuchera  x ‘Plum Pudding’  Coral Bells How about a very hardy native plant that tolerates shade and sun, isn’t too picky about soil pH, is drought tolerant and adds a sense of the ‘Johnny Depp’ scallywag to your garden? Enter Heuchera x Plum Pudding coral bells. [hew-chair-a] With unique shiny, dark purple ruffled leaves […]

Tweet See a World in a Grain of Sand and Heaven in a Wildflower – William Blake Your Turn: Spring is here – What do I need to do to get my garden soil ready? – L. Graham Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY My Turn: Just like any successful indoor project, preparation before planting pays off literally for […]

Tweet Splish-splash those roots are takin’ a bath! There’s nothing easier or healthier for your yard than to let rain water it naturally. After a shower, temporary puddles let water soak into your plant root zones. Then, water moves deeper into the water table. That ground water not only helps plants withstand intense summer droughts, […]

Tweet Your turn: Like you said in your book Kim, I need to plant trees for shade around my new house. I have a lot of room and want a good tree that grows pretty fast. – DA, Hope Mills My turn: One of the best native trees that fits your description is the Tulip […]

Tweet Your landscape plants, like people, get along with one another in a variety of ways. Some plants do well as neighbors, and then again, others growing near each other don’t seem to thrive. Use companion planting in your yard as an important part of integrated pest management and sustainable landscaping. To make it a […]