Bug Control with a Toad Abode

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How to attract toads and frogs to your garden

It’s Leap Day so let’s talk about bug control using frogs, toads and tree frogs.  Like ‘em or loath ‘em, these little hoppers can eat up to 1000 insects in one day from a flower bed or vegetable garden.

You can combat declining frogs and toad populations by easily transforming your yard into a neighborhood refuge using this eco-friendly ceramic toad house.  It is virtually maintenance-free and dark color fades unobtrusively into the damp shadows (where the little toady’s like it best!)

It is sized wide and low, about eight inches round and four inches high – A perfect dimension for your toads, frogs and even tree frogs that have just finished their bug feast.

If you would like to see who is in residence, the house is easily lifted up.  Toads and frogs live a long time if your garden conditions are right.

Consider the size of your garden and to a frog or toad, that’s some wide open spaces for finding dinner. You can help these hard working little yard soldiers by placing inconspicuous shelters throughout the garden.

Toads and frogs are attracted to yards that are pesticide-free. These amphibians are very sensitive to chemicals because they breathe and drink through their skin.  Before spraying, please reconsider an organic alternative.

No need to wait for Leap Day to get your toad abodes ready.  Late winter is a perfect time to prepare for hosting your new garden friends!

I wonder if you have any favorite toad shelters you’d like to share?

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