Make it Easy to be Found: Solar Address Sign

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When you’re trying to find a house at night, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the address numbers.

Whether you’re expecting guests or waiting for a food delivery finding your address could be made way easier with this solar powered address sign.

Here’s why:  It is internally lit. The font type is easily read at a glance. High contrast white on black grabs our attention.

Skip the electrician because the sign requires no wiring. Simply mount the solar address sign on a vertical surface, or place it in the lawn with its 16 inch theft-resistant stake.

Just four hours of sunlight powers the solar address sign to run for three nights. That means it won’t cost you a dime in power bills since the solar panel absorbs clean renewable electricity!

Don’t worry if your chosen spot isn’t ideal, because an eight foot wire allows the detachable solar panel to be strategically positioned in direct sun.

The lamps never need replacement, and the cover easily lifts off to customize your address numbers.

I’m seriously thinking about giving this sign as a gift.  At night, my parent’s house numbers are virtually impossible to read.  I worry that, if heaven forbid, they have a nighttime emergency, the fire department or ambulance can’t easily find them.

With this solar address sign, they won’t be wasting energy or feel guilty with the sign lit all night.

It’s clean, it’s safe, and it’s reliable.  Now that’s peace of mind!


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