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February 2011

Tweet Practical Advice Using Less Water for a More Beautiful Yard Press Release Video: Water Wise Garden Tips Fayetteville, February 26, 2011 – The Cape Fear Botanical Garden has invited Ms. Kim Van Borkulo, Build That Green to give water saving tips at the Carolina Home and Garden Show. It is possible to dramatically reduce […]

Tweet Splish-splash those roots are takin’ a bath! There’s nothing easier or healthier for your yard than to let rain water it naturally. After a shower, temporary puddles let water soak into your plant root zones. Then, water moves deeper into the water table. That ground water not only helps plants withstand intense summer droughts, […]

Tweet The other day I saw gaps in my wood floor and that was my indicator to stop using our bathroom exhaust fan. In winter, low moisture content in the air (relative humidity) affects not only our home interiors and furniture but our comfort and energy bills. As doors open, cooking, showering and even people […]

Tweet Your turn: Like you said in your book Kim, I need to plant trees for shade around my new house. I have a lot of room and want a good tree that grows pretty fast. – DA, Hope Mills My turn: One of the best native trees that fits your description is the Tulip […]

Tweet Your landscape plants, like people, get along with one another in a variety of ways. Some plants do well as neighbors, and then again, others growing near each other don’t seem to thrive. Use companion planting in your yard as an important part of integrated pest management and sustainable landscaping. To make it a […]