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January 2011

Tweet About 90 percent of the power used by a traditional light bulb creates heat, not visible light. That’s why, as a kid, I could make Teddy his favorite brownies in my Easy Bake Oven. These days though I want my bedroom to be lit for reading, not heating, so I banned incandescent light bulbs. […]

Tweet Easy Energy-Saving Project Brings Home Comfort Sick of uncomfortably drafty rooms?  It’s really tough to solve the problem because there can be more than one issue. One very common source of drafts are gaps around electric wall switches and plugs.  This is usually forgotten because the switch plates cover the problem from your view. […]

Tweet 2011 tax credits help you have a greener home Yippee! For the third year in a row, you can get federal tax credits (and more) for your green home building or remodeling. Many people mistakenly believe the $2,000 federal tax credit for new, energy-efficient homes ended in 2010, but Congress extended the perks through […]

Tweet Christmas is over and the presents have all been opened, but there’s still a way to give your family an extra “something special” with that old wreath or tree. Chipping your Christmas greens and other yard waste into winter mulch creates a pile of very versatile material that all gardens need. Plus, you’ll feel […]