Save Energy: Draft-Proof Home Electric Plugs

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Easy Energy-Saving Project Brings Home Comfort

Sick of uncomfortably drafty rooms?  It’s really tough to solve the problem because there can be more than one issue.

One very common source of drafts are gaps around electric wall switches and plugs.  This is usually forgotten because the switch plates cover the problem from your view.

Feel free to use this energy saving video to banish the problem. It shows you step-by-step just how easily you can stop these leaks.

Meanwhile make no mistake, your valuable heat is escaping outside 24/7 and that is costing you.

We say the two ‘e’s in green building stand for energy efficiency – so draft-proofing every outside wall is worth your time.

Video for Energy Savings: Draft Proof Electric Plugs

Just wait, your comfort and utility savings will improve.  I’m excited to hear about your results!

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