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July 2011

Tweet I confess to enjoy the daily ritual of spotting the white rectangular newspaper bundle sitting on the driveway at “O-dark thirty”. There’s something about flipping and scanning through the paper I like.   Plus, there’s my addiction to clipping out interesting bits here and there. A photo, a cartoon, a funny news blurb. I’ll share […]

Tweet I am always fascinated by the names of odd things. Take for instance the white, inner rind of a citrus fruit.  It’s called an ‘albedo’.   Who thinks up this stuff? I’m humored because green builders also use ‘albedo’ when choosing different types of cool roofs. By the way, cool roofs lower your home air […]

Tweet When entertaining outdoors, you obviously want to create a comfortable setting. A combination of decks and patios don’t have to be elaborate to impress your guests, just well built. Besides they also add property value and expand the functionality of your home. Green builders favor more patio than deck surfaces because the low-maintenance brick, […]

Tweet Hardwood, tile, carpet – one product doesn’t clean them all. In fact each type of floor needs its own care product. In the Build That Green Idea House we used the latest generation of green build waterborne polyurethanes called Bona Traffic on the master bedroom floors. Made specifically for home hardwoods and heavy traffic […]