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May 2011

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Tweet Heuchera  x ‘Plum Pudding’  Coral Bells How about a very hardy native plant that tolerates shade and sun, isn’t too picky about soil pH, is drought tolerant and adds a sense of the ‘Johnny Depp’ scallywag to your garden? Enter Heuchera x Plum Pudding coral bells. [hew-chair-a] With unique shiny, dark purple ruffled leaves […]

Tweet The so-called air fresheners really don’t improve your home indoor air quality; instead, they release chemicals that numb your olfactory nerves or coat your nasal passages with oils. Here are Seven Better Solutions: Invest in a HEPA air filter. Put a few drops of natural essential oils on some cotton balls and place them […]

Tweet See a World in a Grain of Sand and Heaven in a Wildflower – William Blake Your Turn: Spring is here – What do I need to do to get my garden soil ready? – L. Graham Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY My Turn: Just like any successful indoor project, preparation before planting pays off literally for […]