Native born with a Johnny Depp vibe for your Garden

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Heuchera  x ‘Plum Pudding’  Coral Bells

How about a very hardy native plant that tolerates shade and sun, isn’t too picky about soil pH, is drought tolerant and adds a sense of the ‘Johnny Depp’ scallywag to your garden?

Enter Heuchera x Plum Pudding coral bells. [hew-chair-a]

With unique shiny, dark purple ruffled leaves and silver marbling, Plum Pudding imparts a feeling of handsome mischief in your landscape. (Something akin to Depp’s pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, me thinks)

This perennial has a neat mounding habit growing up to 8 inches and spreading up to 18 in. Soils slightly acidic to neutral soil pH of 6.5 to 7 make this improved native plant particularly happy.

Include these masculine deep purple leaves in your planting design to add visual depth and weight to your garden color schemes.

Plum pudding coral bells is especially popular for its richness as it looks great next to a wide variety of garden plants. Consider a Pirates of the Caribbean themed planting with yellow, white, lime greens, soft pink, or silvers.

Summon up great landscape drama by pairing it with other deep violets (like native wood violets) or strong pinks (with Heuchera ‘Miracle’ coral bells). Plant it in masses or as a border edge for best effect.

Maybe create a steamy tropical theme by… clustering it with orange, butter-gold ad scarlet colors in your woodland garden or patio containers.

Plum Pudding coral bells grows best in rich, moist, well-drained garden soil in partial shade to truly enjoy its foliage. If adequate moisture is provided, it will tolerate full sun too. It’s a fast growing ground cover native to the United States. Divide clumps every 3-4 years and trade it with your neighbors for doubloons (if they have ‘em!)

While the semi-evergreen leaves command top billing, 6 to 12 inch leafless stalks of tiny white bell-shaped flowers appear in late spring and early summer. Deadheading (removing) spent blooms can extend your flowering period.

If your planting spot is super sunny, maybe consider the very dark leaved ‘Mocha’ Heuchera coral bells instead.

No need to wonder if you’ll ever meet some famous actor. Plant Plum Pudding Heuchera coral bells and you’ll have all the Hollywood glamor and grit any respectable pirate, er… garden needs.

After you finish planting, feel free to leave a picture of your plunders here!

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