Simply ‘Forget-About-It’, You’ll See Why…

Here’s the next in our 12 part series to get home holiday breaks:

As kids, we used to drive my dad wild by leaving a room without flicking off the lights. Not surprisingly, my kids adopted the same unfortunate habit which produced a similar effect upon me.

We were JUST coming back! …

Light occupancy sensors are a convenient way to eliminate the forgetfulness that many people have when it comes to turning the lights off.

Like a magic house elf, a motion detector senses you entering the garage with groceries and lights turn on automatically to show you the way. No more fumbling around for the switch.

They quickly mount in place of a wall switch and after a set amount of time turn off when no one is in the room.

I like the Watt Stopper  Model# RS150BANWCS because it has a night light and 5 year warrantee.

Quick Install for a Beginner

Before your house guests arrive, take just 15 minutes to install one. Shut off the breaker, remove the switch plate, remove the old switch, attach the wires and ground for the occupancy sensor, replace the cover plate, and turn on power. Done!

Occupancy sensors are most effectively used in rooms that are periodically occupied like playrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, hallways, garages, stairwells, large closets, laundry rooms, attics, basements, furnace rooms, and closed crawlspaces.

For bedrooms or other areas where lights need to stay off, most models offer a vacancy setting with a manual on – auto off feature.

The best occupancy sensors have some smart features as well, such as a light sensor which analyzes room brightness and determines if lights need to come on at all. Some have night lights. You can even adjust to customize how long lights stay on, how sensitive the motion sensor is, and even the area in which motion triggers the lights.

If you ever find kids, guests, or even yourself neglecting to turn off lights, an occupancy sensor can pay for itself in electric bill savings in as little as two years. Save electricity, money, and your sanity with automatic on/off home light sensors.

Here’s an idea: An occupancy sensor makes for a great stocking stuffer!

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