Holiday Break #8 Solar Sound System for Your Soul

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Jingle Bells or Messiah – You Pick

Many holiday songs praise the wonder of our natural world, so good stewardship of our resources is cause for celebration.

Here is the next idea in our 12 part series:

If you’re lucky to get a snowy-white Christmas, imagine bringing the Hallelujah choir with you sliding.

Inside or outside, with the help of solar technology, you can easily imagine while playing the music that the concert performers are there. Yep, the sound quality is that good.

It’s the Eton NSP500B Soulra LX sound system for iPod or iPhone.

The wide solar panel charges a lithium-ion battery that feeds an 8-speaker driver with 22W output with a bass boost.

To set the mood, you don’t need that old electric stereo any more.

Savvy, sensitive folks know solar is 100% renewable, non-polluting energy. Get the party started with the Soulra XL – it’s handsome design is rugged and easily carried.

What’s that I hear?

jingle-bell, jingle-bell, jingle-bell rock…..

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