Speedy Delivery – Easy Plastic Bag Recycling

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I confess to enjoy the daily ritual of spotting the white rectangular newspaper bundle sitting on the driveway at “O-dark thirty”.

There’s something about flipping and scanning through the paper I like.   Plus, there’s my addiction to clipping out interesting bits here and there. A photo, a cartoon, a funny news blurb.

I’ll share that I don’t throw away the plastic bags the paper comes in, we recycle it.

Here’s what we do…

We reuse the plastic bag for daily cleaning of the kitty litter tray.

Or …

We take one plastic sleeve and fill it up with other bag sleeves, then shove it in the newspaper box.

It’s efficient and requires no more effort than taking these out when you walk out to pick up your paper each morning.


We drop them into a collection bin at our neighborhood grocery store. Ask at Customer Service where it’s kept.  Your kids will love to help out and they’ll see the practical side to recycling in action!

Create Your Own Home Recycle Center

Designating a small area (or areas)  in your house to recycling is considered a green building practice. You and the family are more likely to separate and recycle at home if it is easy to do.

As trash is generated, we have two baskets – one for un-recyclables and one for clean/rinsed recyclable. Easy.

If you need to further divide out glass from aluminum, it’s painless to carry the basket to where other larger collection bins are kept.

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