Hardwood, tile, carpet – one product doesn’t clean them all. In fact each type of floor needs its own care product.

In the Build That Green Idea House we used the latest generation of green build waterborne polyurethanes called Bona Traffic on the master bedroom floors.

Made specifically for home hardwoods and heavy traffic commercial wood floors, Traffic has proven itself to be extremely durable.

We all love hardwood floors, but we know to be their best, they need to be cleaned properly.

Ever heard your grandmother or your mother say: use vinegar and water to clean your floors?  In fact it’s one of the Worst things you can do because vinegar is an acid and it breaks apart the finish over time.  That creates a mess to repair!

Solid hardwood floors are great because they are a renewable surface.  Over time, maybe you get a scratch or scar – you can eventually sand and refinish them.

In the meantime, you can extend the life of that floor by using the right products. The Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care System is made by a Swedish company that cross-walked their commercial floor experience over to create a kit to use at home.

It comes with everything you need to dry mop dust, clean and shine your hardwood floors whether or not you originally used their Bona Traffic floor finisher.

You simply spray the cleaner on the floor (you’re not on your hands and knees anymore). Give it a second, and then with the microfiber pad, you go back and forth.  This pad picks up the dirt.

Now what about scratches in the floor? Say the finish just doesn’t look right…What do you do about that?

Bona makes a product called Refresher. What’s neat about this is that you simply squirt it on the floor. Take the sheep skin pad to spread the liquid urethane over the area. Take a long lunch and your finish is going to look brand new!

Nice thing about the three different pads is that you can take them off – and wash them for reuse.

About every four months you’re going to buy a new kit – but it’s going to save you money and do a great job!

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