The persistent beeping of an alarm under the floor woke us up at midnight the other night.

We’d had a tremendously hot 101 degree day for the summer solstice and all of a sudden, we had a monster rain storm.

What we found, was that our alarm underneath the house for our sump pump was going off.

Our sump pump control/alarm has two lights that flash alternately warning us of a problem before any flooding.

What was happening was six and a half inches of rain was falling furiously from the sky. The sump pump water discharge hose outside had a kink in it so storm water wasn’t exiting out of our crawlspace correctly.

As a result, the sump pump couldn’t keep up with the volume of water that was falling at the time.

So thank goodness, the alarm that we have connected to our sump pump went off and alerted us to the problem.

Lesson learned: It’s good to install a sump pump under your house because these types of intense summer rain storms are unexpected.  Ground water seeks its own level and follows the path of least resistance. This path could be under your house and you would never know it!

And as mention in my other posts,  water is very destructive under a house.

Other lesson: A sump pump alarm can really save the day (or night in our case)!  Yeah, nobody wants to be woken by an alarm at midnight, but I shudder to think what would have happened otherwise….We most probably would have had a flooded crawlspace and never have known it!

Crisis averted!

Do you have any storm stories? Feel free to share them here.

An ‘Alarming’ Storm: Sump Pump Warning video

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