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10/10/10 at 10 am we pick up a new addition to the family – an Abyssinian cat named Axum T’je Royal.  He will be the first feline we’ve ever kept exclusively as an indoor cat.

It’s not just for the cat’s health (which the breeder insisted upon) but it’s….for ‘the Others’.  That would be the various lizards, birds, small mammals and anybody else liable to be eaten around the yard.

For the record, they are all in favor of the move.

To help the cat settle in we’ve got a scratching post and a couple of cushy kitty beds all ready.  I’ll bet though, above all else, he’s going to love this…

Just outside my office, Remy the cat is going to love luxuriating in the sunlight that pours in the south-facing window.

All summer outside this window, we gratefully accept the generous shade our native white oak tree furnishes.  It grows between the sun and the house, filtering the harsh summer solar rays.

Our car upholstery and paint finishes are spared the normal roasting and fading.  The house is spared too from undesirable heat build-up and some of the brutal solar pounding.

It’s no secret this summer was the hottest on record (100 days of over 90 degree heat).  When the temperature was skyrocketing outside though, our shaded home was cool and comfortable inside.

Between our outdoor landscaping, and our green home improvements, the air conditioning system didn’t break a sweat and our July electricity cost less than half our bill before our green remodeling improvements.

It’s like we held Our Own “61% off Our Utility Bill Sale!”and it’s not too late for you to do something similar.

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Now that the leaves are starting to fall off the big oak, we’ll let in the winter sun.  It’ll provide us passive solar warming which in turn will keep our monthly electric bills low.

And if you’re looking for the cat, I bet you he’ll be using his own sneaky strategy that pays off over and over in the days to come. After all, cats Are experts in making themselves comfortable.

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