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Dear Fellow Home Owner:

I bet even though you love your home, there are things that really bug you about your house.

We built our house back in 1984. There were so many decisions to make – what kind of floors to install, and style of the kitchen cabinets.

As the framing went up, we even watched to be sure our contractors met all the building codes and safety rules. (We even had to check behind the guys to make sure our brick chimney was built right!)

The last thing on our minds was our future utility bills. And over the years, those costs really started to bug the heck out me.

Every month when the bill came in the mail, if you are anything like me, I cringed imagining how awful the ‘damage’ to my wallet would be….

Do you know how much you spend each year on electricity for your home?  How about we say $2,400 which is the typical family utility bill.

Now how long do you plan to live in your house? If we guess a reasonable 10 years for this, would that be okay?

It’s hard to believe it, but in one short decade you’ll probably spend in the neighborhood of $24,000 on utilities!

Seems like a fortune, just to have some light and warm water, huh?

How about if you knew of a way to quit handing over all your money every month to the utility company?

What if you could chop each bill and keep 10, 20, or even 30 or more percent every month year after year?

Sneaky Solar Strategies gives you at least five different ways to leverage the sun from your home remodeling AND keep more of your savings in the process.

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So monthly utility cost isn’t you pet peeve – You say Comfort is the issue.

Do you find yourself in a contest with the family jockeying the thermostat up and down and up and down?

After this summer it wasn’t hard to do. In North Carolina we had 100 days of summer temperatures 90 degrees or above.

Now that’s what I call “An Inconvenient Truth”!

No too long ago my husband and I had that daily dance.  He’s very warm natured.  He’d be working out in the yard or coming home from the office and he’d beeline it over to the thermostat.

He’d crank the air conditioning down to 73 degree like we were in a meat locker and wouldn’t give a care about the electric meter picking up speed by the minute outside.

He was miserable – I was miserable (I bet even the cat, if you asked him, was miserable)

He finally got so frustrated with me he said “Since you know all this green building stuff, why don’t you do something about Your Own house!”

And I thought long and hard about that. Then last fall I started to remodel our house and fix the problems.  Six months later, while work still needs to be done, we’re miles ahead.

Don’t think because you’re in the South it’s just a air conditioning challenge. Try to keep your valuable heat in when it’s freezing outside and your house is leaking like a sieve!

2010 in our town, Fayetteville, had one of its coldest winters in years. Temperatures, said Accuweather senior meteorologists, hovered 6.4 degrees colder than normal. National weather service even said, “and the cold weather is expected to keep on coming.”

Super hot – then super cold. Now, how can a family manage its utility bills that way?

You’d be surprised once you fix a problem you realize how profoundly solar radiation outside – affects your comfort inside.

That’s why I compiled this special video edition of my book Sneaky Solar Strategies that Pay Over and Over.

Now I realize you may have other sun-related issues bugging you. So in the video, I targeted areas all over your house like- Above the roof – Beneath the Roof – the Attic.

Yeah, so you could have guess that.  But how about UN-expected strategies too?

Ever considered taming the sun and funneling it into out-of-the way places you find dark and depressing?  This reasonably priced idea can lift your spirits by blasting beautiful full-spectrum light inside.

What about solar strategies for your yard?  I’ll show you how you can improve your quality of life and make your neighbors wonder how come your property values are higher than theirs!

Using just one of these strategies is well worth your investment in this video. Here’s some quick numbers to illustrate my point.

Remember your typical family’s utility bill is about $2,400 per year.  So using the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program’s 15% savings benchmark, then that’s $360.

Using these strategies should easily approach such savings because conventionally built homes are typically so inefficient.

Remember the more strategies you put in place, the more savings you should get because they all integrate together.  This video investment is your first step towards energy independence and comfort.

Your family deserves all the happiness you can give them.

Order Sneaky Solar Strategies

The video edition of Sneaky Solar Strategies that Pay Over & Over is Simply the fastest and easiest way to leverage benefits from your home remodeling.

To help you out to start your savings, I figure you deserve a break from all of your expenses.

So for a limited time I’m slashing the price of this valuable video so you can get started today!

“Thanks for the great advice Kim.”- Mark Boise, Idaho

___ Yes, Kim! I would like to receive the video version of your Easy-to-Use book “Sneaky Solar Strategies That Pay Over & Over” that is chock full of proven comfort-cradling and money-saving strategies that can be adapted to any home.

Get Green Faster:
Sneaky Solar Strategies Video

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