Clandestine Career Choices for Landscape Architects

As of November 2010

Choice #1: Get temporary job Overseas with AIPT/IAESTE

Association for International Practical Training, Columbia, MD
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (AIPT/IAESTE)

10400 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 250 | Columbia, MD 21044-3519 | 410.997.2200

60 yrs + Nonprofit organization provides paid internships in over 80 countries in landscape architecture, engineering, science lasting 4 weeks to 18 months.
Also, assists in obtaining work permits for career-related practical training in most fields for both students and college graduates.
Deadline: late December.

Choice #2: Get temporary job directly with a Foreign City Government, or Company

International Federation of Landscape Architects
Ms. Christine Bavassa, Communication & Executive Secretary

A country by country guide to how to get a job or to obtain work experience as a student or newly qualified professional.   This document covers so far Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, with a brief note on China and the USA.

Choice #3 & 4 : Permanent Job: US Federal Government – Department of Defense

Inside USA and Overseas

Some suggested search  keywords  OR  these Career Field numbers:
0807 – Landscape Architect
0801 – Civil Engineer
0810 – General Engineer
0401 – Biologist

Some unexpected  places for Landscape Architects in the Federal Government :
1. Department of Defense bases/posts ( Engineer and Scientist Fields)
a)    Army

b)    Air Force
c)    Navy (NAVFAC) and Marine Corps
d)    Coast Guard

2.  US Army Corps of Engineers – Military District supports DoD locations above; Divided into geographic Regions

3.  US Army Corps of Engineers – Civil Works District supports flood & Disaster relief, recreation, hydropower, shipping; Divided by watersheds geographically

4.  Department of Transportation – FAA Airport design and maintenance.

5. Veterans Administration.  Facilities Engineers, Cemetaries.

6. Architect of the Capital.

Choice #5 : Permanent Job:  Private Consulting Engineering Firms.

[Okay so not SO clandestine, but they tend to pay better than Architects or LAs!]

Top 500 Design Firms 2009 & 2010.

Choice #6 : Self-Employed: Publisher and Consultant


Questions?  Ms. Kim Van Borkulo, RLA, LEED-AP

Build That Green
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