Clever elves decorate with Solar LED lights

Start the holidays right and avoid senseless holiday expenses at home. That means use green building ideas to manage your extra decorating and entertaining costs or you’ll end up with financial troubles in January – and beyond.

In this series, we’ll focus upon one of 12 smart ways to give yourself Holiday Breaks at Home:

I have always admired the cozy look of mini-lights on a front door Christmas wreath.  I remember first seeing one when I was about 9 years old on my grandmother’s New England Cape Cod.

Every year, she and her neighbors held a holiday door decorating contest. Each prided themselves on presenting the latest display ideas.

These days, Solar LED lights are the latest innovation for Christmas displays. I’m thrilled because now my door wreath is lit without hassling with electric cords.

Solar LED Holiday Lights

It’s simple to weave a 50-bulb warm white mini-light string throughout your wreath, hang it up, and while facing the direct sun, nestle the mini-solar collector unobtrusively amongst the foliage.

Even on cloudy days, the winter light charges the battery. A built-in timer senses when dusk approaches, and the wreath lights up automatically. The whole process repeats itself while you and your neighbors at open house simply admire the effects.

Like other LEDs, they light quickly and remain unaffected by cold temperatures literally for decades. Manufactures claim LEDs have up to 25,000 hour bulb life.

Forget about the chance of unintentional electric fires or short circuits because the entire system is low-voltage and self-contained.

It’s so nice to finally have practical solar technology replace 100% of some holiday energy costs. All those extra little expenses add up once the celebrations are over.

Less electricity use, of course, means less burned fossil fuels and cleaner air which is good for our environment. Feel good about being a responsible global citizen by using solar LED lights.

Santa’s polar bears would certainly thank us if they could!

How have you used your Solar LED lights?

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Solar Led Lights June 25, 2012 at 7:57 am

Solar Led Ligths are the good substitute products for the electric lights as they get charged from the sun light and need not to waste any electricity on them. They are cool sources of Non-conventional Energy resources and can be a great advantage for the future generations.

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