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Isn’t it true that most folks treat their front yard like some department store display? Look but better not mess it up!

Unlike Victorian homes, modern houses lack comfortable porches so little time is spent loitering there. Visitors step from the car into an invisible ‘front yard’ zone that urges them straight to the front door bell.

Your front yard typically gobbles a third of your property, so why not use it more?

Create a sense of hospitality by first providing an outdoor alcove between your front step and the street. By default, it also improves your home’s curb appeal too!

To do this, use mid-height picket fence panels or plantings to form partially enclosed areas. This homeowner on a high-traffic road took nice advantage of this enclosing principle. Simply extending a few side fence panels from the house face into the yard created a such a space.

Next provide an interesting focal point that can be seen by the visitor coming up the walk. In this example, the guests park (out of the picture) to the left, so the bench is set opposite on the right.

Add splashes of bold seasonal color with flowers, pillows or other colorful accessories. Two each lime green and black polka dot pillows, plus the cheery yellow day lilies grab attention.

This design idea can be adapted to your front yard by simply surveying what is between your front door and your street. Cluster a bench next to a shade tree – extend some fence panels from the side – plant a thick seasonal flower border.

If you want to try this idea, here’s a wonderful cedar bench and pillow combo that will look great in your front yard.

First, get a garden bench about four feet long.

Next, add some fade-resistant pillows

Create this comfortable and welcoming space and who knows, while you’re out reading a great book you’ll be able to exchange a friendly word with  your neighbors.

Post a picture of your updated front lawn here.

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desert Landscaping Ideas July 7, 2013 at 5:31 am

Choose an array of succulent plants, mimicking the look of
an arid desert. You will not need to trim it often whatsoever along with a clover
garden is even good for front yard landscaping design inside location that’s susceptible to droughts. The plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, and gardens outside your house provide a place to get away from it just a few steps outside your door.

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