The calendar says it’s the first day of autumn, but it sure doesn’t
feel like it.

Stifling heat has stubbornly plagued our Carolina Sandhills area all
summer.  And if the forecast for highs in the 90′s continues, this
week will mark 100 days of 90-degree plus weather in 2010.

Now That’s what I call -  An Inconvenient Truth.

If you haven’t remodeled green yet, I’ll bet temperatures where you
are have wreaked havoc on your electric bill.

Isn’t it just ridiculous how……your family ends up gobbling up more energy Just to stay cool?

Imagine if  – you knew of a way you could save about $180 over 12 months?

And imagine if -  because of this way, instead of spending – you Kept Saving- year after year?

Would you want to know what it is?

Pair this idea with the benefits from my Sneaky Solar Strategies That Pay Over & Over
book section on Taming the Roof Heat and your family will thank you.

If you’re a Do-it-Yourself-er, this idea is easy and costs about $40.
In just a couple of hours you’ll start saving.

Even if you want to hire-it-out, there’s lots more tactics in
my Free book that solve  problem areas all over your home and yard.

Here’s what you do -  Get a programmable thermostat that’s compatible
with your heating/air conditioning system. It gives you customized daily programming for maximum flexibility.

Just think – The family is comfortable and You save money.

A backlit display with the ‘Filter Change’ features are handy too.
[Here’s a bonus tip: Change your air filters monthly and pocket up
to $100 more per year in lower energy costs!]

Ask your neighbors and see how happy they are about their electric bills.

Once you skim my book, you’ll realize most people will never know
all the different ways they could have gotten more comfort and saved
more money by adopting these green building strategies.

Except you – you’re smart that way.
[Okay, you can tell your friends to download their own copy of Sneaky Solar Strategies so they can start saving. Maybe they’ll even throw you a celebration cook-out?!]

Also, once you get your programmable thermostat, here’s a fun tool for you to use.

I’d love to hear how you made out with this – simply leave a comment here.

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