I love this wonderful free kitchen tool – It’s a refrigerator age calculator.

You’d be startled to learn just how much electricity your refrigerator is gobbling up every day.

Department of Energy says besides air conditioners, your refrigerator or freezer is the second biggest user of electricity at home (about 13.7%) .

I bet your fridge could stand to  lose some of it’s energy in-efficiency. (And it’s not like you can flick off the fridge like you can a light.)

There’s been a vast improvement lately in the quality of  refrigerators now available. Of course Energy Star-rated models save you at least 15%.

This calculator tells you if it’s time to replace your old one with a more energy efficient one.

As a rule of thumb – It’s worth replacing if it was made before 2001.  If you’ve a newer model consider saving and replacing it as needed.

Here’s some idea of what it’s costing you:

  • 2001 or newer Energy Star fridge typically use 425 KWh/yr = $51.
  • 2001 or newer fridge use about 500 kWh/yr = $60.
  • 1976-1986 vintage fridge use about 1,400 kWh/yr = $168.

Have fun with this great tool!

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