My daughter just changed jobs but her old office used to be a Nazi-era barracks. They’re scattered in towns across Germany. Seventy years later, the hulking red-tiled hip-roof buildings still stand in proper formation around an emerald parade field.

I got to thinking about the rows of oversized windows set deep into the tan stucco walls and how even back in 1940 daylight was surely a welcome sight on a dreary winter day. You might be surprised to know how Germans daylight these days….

 Daylighting HeidlebergLight exposure is important to the inner time keeping of humans. The loss of it can contribute to fatigue, insomnia, and even seasonal affective disorder.

So besides the typical windows, it’s not uncommon for modern German houses to also have skylights to welcome in the precious sun.

One very practical way to lift your spirits (and save some green on your light bill) is to install either a skylight or solar tube. I prefer solar tubes because they cost less, are very energy efficient and are easily adapted to many locations throughout the house.

Do you have a room or hallway that seems dreary or dark much of the season? If there’s a roof above it, you could have bright, sunny light streaming inside in literally just a couple of hours.

What spot would you put in your solar tube? Let me know in the comment box.

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