Today’s weather – Mostly sunny, a thunderstorm in spots this afternoon – High 97.  Really with the combined solar and humidity factors it feels like 105 o F.  Yesterday it felt like 102o F.

These are the true dog days of summer.  (Queue rattling cicada’s in the background.)  Even the hardiest Southerners can’t help but move slowly and drink lots of iced tea when it gets like this.

I’m a Northern wimp and retreat to the blessed air conditioning.  My most strenuous activity has been fingers moving on the key board.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the summer sun.  Pondering how it can be both a blessing and a curse to home owners.   You know, these bright cheerful days but they’re killer on the power bill…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow turn the solar heat and light to your advantage?  Maybe even cut your monthly electric bill and pocket the savings?

I want you to know I’ve been working on ways to help you attack that problem.  I’m not quite ready, but in a week or two I’ll have a summer treat for you.  (Consider it a ‘house warming’ present of sorts!)

I just learned there’s now over two dozen States moving toward generating commercial solar power.

Known as Green Power, you may have heard it is electricity generated from sun, wind, water and even organic resources.  This is cleaner renewable energy since it’s replenished by nature.

Buying green power is a great way to begin your transition towards a green home.

See if yours is one of the 33 States and Districts that are moving toward renewable Green Power.

Join in: A clickable map is at the US Department of Energy’s States with Renewable Portfolio Standards

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