Mortgage crisis - Markets down – Layoffs.
Gheesh, every morning we brace ourselves for the news.

Well I’m in the mood to break free and defy those negative forces for a little bit.
Want to join me?

If we’ve got the will… here’s the way:
At 8:30 pm (local time) on Saturday, March 28, they’re holding Earth Hour.

What’s that?

It’s simply turning off your non-essential lights for just 1 hour to show you support efforts to control adverse climate change.  That’s Saturday night from 8:30 to 9:30.

The idea started four years ago in Thailand and the World Wildlife fund (WWF) uses the last Saturday of March annually to raise climate health awareness.

So far, 850 cities in the US have signed up to participate but as of today, only three cities in North Carolina: Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Lincolnton are registered participants.

What’s this got to do with Building Green?  Cleaner air for you and me.

In the southeast, electricity is generated primarily by coal-fired or nuclear-powered plants.

Every watt reduced in the power load means less stack emissions blowing our way.
[‘Aint that a breath of fresh air!]

Here’s your action plan:
1.   Make a note  ‘8:30 pm, Saturday, 28 Mar – turn off lights for an hour.’

2.   Register yourself at .  It’s super quick and easy.

3.   At home, do a quick check to unplug the coffee maker and any other phantom loads .

4.   Lights out Saturday night (March 28) at 8:30 pm.  Your lungs will thank you.

Let’s go fill up the Earth Hour website map!

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