Are you looking for ways to make your home more comfortable, healthy AND save money every month?

As Build That Green publisher, I’m excited to help you navigate the very dynamic world of eco-smart home building, remodeling, and low-impact land development.

From here on, we’ll introduce you to various ‘vest pocket’ experts and deliver super effective, inspiring and essential Green Building strategies you can use - today.

Confused about how to use Energy Star or WaterSense to your advantage?  What IS Green building anyway and why spend the money?

Build That Green’s three driving principles focus around your home’s “Triple Bottom Line”.

Let me explain…

Every home should work FOR you to provide:

  • A place that’s great for People - You deserve a safe and high quality Life.
  • A place that’s great for your Pocketbook – You deserve property values that build over time, and maintenance bills that are rock bottom.
  • A place that’s great for our Planet – You deserve fresh air, clean water, lots of plants and animals.

Together we’ll figure out ways to sustain a balance of all three so that you can benefit. Our future depends upon it!

Soon your friends will be wondering how you know the inside story…

Welcome to our group.  Be the first to profit from the latest in home green building news by visiting www.BuildThatGreen.comI’m going to give you tools to start living the benefits today with a FREE special report!

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